Why You Should Choose a Team?

Why do OVER 80% of licensed realtors leave the industry after the first couple of years?

1. Getting licensed is the easy part, and after they do that, many are left wondering "NOW WHAT?"

2. They weren't expecting the number of rejections they would have to endure especially while being "new".

3. They feel completely insecure, unprepared, and inexperienced. They don't want to give the wrong advice with such a big investment at stake.

4. They have a million questions and get a different answer from everyone.

Their heads are literally spinning with a sense of overwhelm and confusion...

The #1 productivity killers are fear and overwhelm and those are their leading feelings at this time... so what happens??

🔥20% succeed by finding supportive people, working hard, learning from mistakes, and gaining confidence from their wins.

👎🏼 80% go back to their old jobs or find a new venture and leave real estate behind for good.

What separates those who succeed and those who don't?

✅ Successful people adapt, embrace change, seek advice, and step out of their comfort zones. They intentionally put themselves in rooms with the people who have done it before them.

(fun fact: more agents change brokerages in their first 2 years than any other time in their career.)

✅ People who don't surround themselves with the right support often blame their lack of success on their broker on the market rather than their own inconsistent actions.


1. Find the RIGHT support system.

2. Find a CULTURE that is built on productivity, accountability and community

3. Find a coach, mentor, accountability partner because you can't do this alone.



The RIGHT team handles the small stuff and questions, helping you learn and spend time with qualified buyers and sellers, boosting your confidence to succeed.

The #1 TEAM in Mid-Missouri and #57 MEGA TEAM in the Nation is HIRING!🚨

We're looking for both new and experienced (ask us about our scholarship program), operations staff members and MORE!

Our agents production and happiness speak for itself!

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