What will the 2024 Real Estate Market bring in St. Robert and Waynesville, MO?

What will the Real Estate Market bring in 2024?

Interest rates just took a drop and you may be asking yourself is it finally time for me to buy a home? Or sell my home?

It's always important to make informed decisions when navigating our local market... that's why every month we break down exactly what's happening

Here's what's happening this January 2024 in St. Robert and Waynesville MO!

✅ There are roughly 130 homes on the market

This stat is consistent with last years figures. This number indicates a stable market, meaning the market isn't flooded with homes and there's still demand from buyers.

✅ There's roughly a 2 months supply of homes on the market... up 31.3% from last year!

Our local market is gaining momentum and our crystal ball tells us we will see a frenzy come spring and summer... take advantage of the market now!

✅ New year, New Listings! Roughly 55 NEW LISTINGS hit the market

A 31% increase compared to last year, indicating a healthy market and increased activity!

✅ Home sales took a slight dip with 57 homes finding new owners...

While this might seem like a cooldown, it's nothing to worry about... The Real Estate Market naturally ebbs and flows season to season.

✅ Our local median price is $220,000

This tells us the market is finding its rhythm... offering value opportunities to buyers, while still maintaining equity for sellers.

✅ Homes are taking just a hair longer to sell with an average 50 days on the market

The good news? We are still seeing homes sell QUICKLY when they are priced RIGHT.

If you're considering buying or selling... you don't have to do this alone.

We have a deep understanding of the ins and outs of our local market and we offer a variety of tools and resources to help guide you through the process.

After all, buying or selling a home should be FUN!! We want to help you enjoy this experience.

If you're ready to jumpstart your journey, we'd love to create a CUSTOMIZED plan unique to your specific needs.

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