Tips and Tricks for your HVAC

Phew ?? It's hot out there...
As our temperature rise, HVAC units are pushed to the max.
Here are some simple tips and tricks to keep your HVAC working properly in this weather!
? Check your filters!
Dirty filters slow air flow and cause HVAC's to work harder in this heat. If dirty, throw away and replace immediately!
Is the store out?! Sounds crazy, but worst case scenario (not recommended but worst case) remove filters so your HVAC can breathe temporarily.
? 2 degrees at a time!
NEVER set your thermostat to change the temperature more than 2 degrees at a time.
It will cause problems! Let it get down to temp and then move it again.
? HVAC stopped completely?
Make sure it's not frozen. Literally, if you see ice, turn it off completely and let it thaw out.
Not frozen? Check your breaker! If it flipped, flip it back. Not any of those things? Time to call HVAC professional.
? Have your unit serviced in the fall and spring always!
Preventative maintenance goes a long way to preserving the life of your HVAC and keep it running.
? Change filters quarterly.
If you have pets, change them monthly!!!
Amazon will even ship them out to you on a schedule so you don't even have to remember. When they show up, it's time to change!
We are here as a resource to you! If you have any additional questions or concerns give us a call.
We are committed to the communities we serve.
Stay cool!

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