The Future of Interest Rates in 2024

Curious about where interest rates are headed? 🤔

As much as we'd love to predict exactly what will happen with interest rates... anything could happen in the market.

But here's what to expect in the near future based on expert insights.

✔️ The Federal Reserve's recent meeting brought some interesting news.

They’re aiming to lower interest rates but in a slow, controlled manner. Why? Because a healthy economy needs gradual changes, not sudden drops like we saw in 2020, which can lead to instability.

✔️ One of our trusted lenders, Ross Woods, shared some valuable perspectives on the history of interest rates and their impact.

Remember when COVID hit and the government introduced "quantitative easing"? That led to higher interest rates down the line. It's all about balance, and while lower rates are great, too low can lead to economic issues later.

👉 Reflecting on history, it’s important not to wait too long for the "perfect rate."

👉 Rates like 2% or 3% might seem ideal, but waiting for them could mean missing out on current opportunities.

👉 Historically, real estate prices tend to rise over time, regardless of fluctuations in interest rates.

The takeaway here is... rates will likely decrease over the next year, continuing at a slow and steady pace to foster a balanced economy.

As always, we love being your #1 real estate resource and bringing the realities of the real estate market.

Watch the full video to get the full details about the what the interest rates entail for us this year.

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