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Stay Hydrated With a DIY Floating Pool Cooler

Stay Hydrated With a DIY Floating Pool Cooler

Tired of having to get out of the pool to grab a drink? This summer, take a few minutes to collect these common household items and create your very own DIY pool cooler. Here is what you’ll need and the steps to take so you can spend as much time floating in the water as possible!

What You’ll Need:

Pool Noodle
Plastic Bin w/ Lip
Ice & Beverages


1. Cut your noodle into 4 pieces. Make sure each piece is the length of each side of your plastic bin. Try to use a plastic bin that will only require one pool noodle.

2. Take your rope and thread it through your pool noodle sections, making sure that when you tie the rope, the noodle sections are snug against the side of the bin under the lip.

3. Add a knot to create a handle at the end of your rope, with about a foot between your knot and the bin.

4. Add your ice and beverages and place your floating cooler in the pool.

5. Dive in & enjoy!

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