St. Robert-Waynesville MO Real Estate Market Update April 2024

The St. Robert and Waynesville real estate market is on fire this April!

Let's unpack what's been happening in the world of real estate, which, for many of us, involves the biggest investment we'll ever make.

1️⃣ $205,000 Median Sales Price

It's very similar to Average Sales Price, but for our smaller marketplace, the median gives us a more accurate number month-to-month.

Right now, in Pulaski County we're at $205,000, which is just a tad lower than last year.

2️⃣ 88 New Listings

Over the past month, 88 new homes hit the market here in St. Robert and Waynesville. That's a bit more than last year's 78, meaning there are more options out there for buyers.

3️⃣ 129 Homes for Sale

How many homes are active on the market for a homebuyer to look at, to be available to purchase, and what is your competition if you're thinking about selling?

We've got 129 properties looking for new owners, which is more than last year. Overall, there's more properties available on the marketplace.

4️⃣ 57 No. of Closed Sales

We've had 57 homes find their match in the last 30 days, exactly the same as this time last year.

5️⃣ 64 Days on Market

On average, it's about 64 days here. So, if you're selling and your place has been up for a couple of months, that's normal. And buyers, if a house has been listed for a while, it doesn't necessarily mean there's a big opportunity to lowball - it's pretty standard timing around here.

6️⃣ 2.1 Month's Supply

This helps us understand how long our current stock of homes would last if no new listings were added, based on how quickly homes are selling right now.

We're at a 2.1-month supply, which is way below the 6-month supply that signals a balanced market.

This means we are still in a seller's market!

And that's the scoop for April 2024 in St. Robert and Waynesville!

As always, we love being a community resource. If you've got questions or need advice tailored to your situation, don't hesitate to reach out.

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