September 2023 Market Update: Lake Of The Ozarks is Setting Records!

Hold onto your seats! The Lake of the Ozarks real estate scene is not just growing; it's EXPLODING!

With a jaw-dropping 20% year over year appreciation in real estate for this year alone, we're not just beating national averages — we're leaving them in the dust by nearly 4x! 🤯

Think soaring interest rates will dampen the mood? Think again! 🚫

Even with the highest rates seen in the past 15 years, our home values are scaling new peaks. 📈

Remember those 2023 doom-and-gloom predictions from giants like Zillow?

Well, they've had a change of heart, instead of predicting nationwide home depreciations they now are prediction real estate will have have 5.5% appreciation .

But here? Lake of the Ozarks is beaming with an unparalleled 20% year over year appreciation! 🤩

At Matt Smith Real Estate Group, we study the market every single day to ensure that we are ahead of the curve and ahead of the trend! We can guide you to make the best decision for you and your family.

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