Rolla Real Estate Market - Huge Momentum in May 2023

The market is gaining MAJOR momentum... 🔥

By staying up-to-date with the latest market trends, we ensure that our clients receive the most informed and valuable advice.

Here's four KEY stats that you need to know in the local market of Rolla for the month of May...

- Number of homes on the market

We are hovering around 96 homes on the market.

- Average sales price

This number has JUMPED by $20,000, now the the average home is selling for $220,000!

- Number of homes sold

It took a slight dip from 42 homes last month to 36 sold this month

- List price versus sales price

Houses are currently selling for close to 100% of what they are listing for.

Sellers what does these stats mean for you?

👉 The current market in Rolla has low inventory, meaning there is a high demand for homes.

👉 If you're considering selling, NOW is the time to list your home at the correct price to take advantage of the massive equity you have built up.

At Matt Smith Real Estate Group, we pride ourselves on getting our clients 2% MORE than the market average.

That means that on average, we can get you 2% more than what other agents are getting for their clients.

Buyers what does these stats mean for you?

👉 With close to 100% of homes selling for their listed price, it's important for buyers to remain competitive when crafting an offer.

With the hot topic of interest rates...

They took a slight dip from 7% to 6.8%

BUT many mortgage lenders have created programs to help increase your buying power and even reduce your rate by 3% for the first year.

There are also mortgage lenders offering to waive refinancing fees if rates take a dip in the future.

Work with a trusted Real Estate professional to help you navigate the market and take advantage of the opportunities available to you.

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