Rolla MO Real Estate Market Update April 2024

The heat is up in Rolla!🌡️

It's that time again when we dive deep into the numbers of our local Rolla real estate market for April 2024.

Let's unpack what's been happening in the world of real estate, which, for many of us, involves the biggest investment we'll ever make.

🟢 $212,000 Median Sales Price

This stat is very parallel and similar to the Average Sales Price but gives us a clearer picture of our local market.

It's sitting at about $212,000, marking a pretty impressive 12% jump from last year. It's a sign of a healthy market and a big deal if you're looking to sell or buy.

🟢 40 New Listings

Over the past month, we've seen 40 new properties enter the market, which is actually 29% fewer than this time last year.

We are still in a low inventory market and sellers have the advantage if they price their homes right.

🟢 94 Homes for Sale

Gives us a glimpse at all the options available for buyers and what sellers are up against. Currently, there are 94 properties waiting for new owners, which is slightly down by 14% compared to last year.

It's an interesting shift, reflecting how dynamic the market can be.

🟢 43 Closed Sales

Curious about what's actually selling? Over the last 30 days, 43 homes have found their new owners, holding steady from last year. It's a good reminder that despite the ups and downs, deals are being made and homes are selling...some are even SOLD fast!

🟢 60 Days on Market

On average, homes are sitting for about 60 days before selling. While it might seem long, especially with stories of homes selling overnight, it's pretty standard. It's a good measure of how long you might expect to wait before finding a buyer for your home.

🟢 2.3 Month's Supply

This helps us understand how long our current stock of homes would last if no new listings were added, based on how quickly homes are selling right now.

We're at a 2.3 month supply. A balanced market usually sits at around a 6-month supply, so this number tells us that we're in a seller's market, with more buyers out there than available homes.

We hope this breakdown helps you get a CLEARER picture of what's happening in the local real estate right now. Whether you're buying, selling, or just curious, it's always good to stay informed.

We're all about providing insights and value to help you navigate this major life decision.

If you've got questions or need advice tailored to your situation, don't hesitate to reach out.

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