Pulaski County Market Update - October 2023

The real estate market is always changing!

We understand that buying or selling real estate is one of the most crucial decisions of your life

We're committed to giving you real data, not drama, to help you make the right choice for you and your family.

Let's take a closer look at the Pulaski County - St. Robert and Waynesville area marketplace.

📊 Median Sales Price Year Over Year

Despite all the marketplace drama, we've got some fantastic news to share!

Home prices in Pulaski County are still on the rise, with a massive 9% increase year over year.

Our local real estate market remains very strong and promising.

🏡 Number of New Listings

In this low-inventory marketplace, tracking the number of new listings is essential.

We've seen fewer homes hitting the market compared to the previous month, indicating a slowdown in listings and sales.

📆 Average Days on Market

Days on Market means how long the average house sits on the market before it sells.

Currently, the average days on the market are increasing, which is expected in a low-inventory situation.

The average days on the market for Pulaski County is approximately 39 days.

If your home is listed for a bit longer, it's still within the norm.

So, what does all this data mean for you? 🤔

🏠 The market is still strong, making real estate a sound investment.

🏠 If you're thinking of buying, waiting for interest rates to drop might not be the best strategy.

🏠 Home prices are expected to appreciate rapidly, so buying now could save you money in the long run.

➡️ BUYERS, we have programs to help you get up to 3% off the market interest rate. You can buy a home at a lower price and when it increases, you can refinance that home to get an even lower rate when late rates do decrease.

➡️ SELLERS, even though you might not be in a rush, it's a great time to consider listing your home.

With low inventory and high buyer demand, you may find a buyer sooner than you think. Median sales prices have increased by 9%, making it an opportune moment to sell.

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