Phelps county market update - October 2023

The real estate market is always changing...

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Let's take a look at the key points in Phelps County, our Rolla marketplace.

1️⃣ Median Sales Price

We generally focus on average sales price, but let's look at the median this time. It’s often more consistent. Year over year, there’s been an 11% increase in the median sales price in our area.

So, despite all the media noise, our local market is very STRONG.

2️⃣ Number of New Listings

We're currently in a low inventory phase. The number of new listings has decreased recently, which has, in turn, caused a dip in the number of houses sold.

3️⃣ Days on Market

This tells us how long the average home is sitting on the marketplace before it sells. And this number is actually increasing significantly.

On average, houses in Phelps County are taking around 81 days to sell. That's close to three months.

So, if your house hasn’t sold immediately, stay patient. It’s typical in our current scenario.

🔍 What does all this mean for you?

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