March 2023 Rolla Real Estate Market Overview: Key Trends and Insights

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Despite a recent increase in interest rates, the local real estate market of Rolla still going strong.💪

Let's dive deep into the numbers of the Rolla local real estate market and uncover the opportunities available to buyers and sellers alike...

1️⃣ Number of Homes on the Market

Compared to last month, the number of homes on the market is very consistent, with just a few more homes available for sale this month at 96.

2️⃣ Average Sales Price

This tells us what the average home is selling for month over month. The average sales price for homes in the area is currently around $202,000.

3️⃣ Number of Homes Sold

Last month, 68 homes were sold in the area, but this month saw a significant decrease to just 29 homes sold. However, this is likely due to a market pause as people waited to see what would happen with interest rates and inventory.

However, it's important to note that this decrease is not a cause for alarm, as the market is already showing signs of picking back up with a significant increase in the number of homes sold this month.

4️⃣ Average Sales Price vs. List Price

This number has remained pretty steady, with homes selling on average at 98% of their list price.

🧍 As a seller, this means you can price your home confidently, knowing that you can expect to sell it close to your asking price.

🧍 For buyers, understanding this ratio is essential when making an offer to secure your dream home.

Spring is finally here and with it, the perfect opportunity to explore the Rolla real estate market.

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