Why understanding the housing market Is important When You Sell?

Are you ready to make a move this 2023 in today's housing market?

Don't worry, Matt Smith Real Estate Group is here to help!

Our team can walk you through what it takes for successful selling...

✅ Mortgage Rates

We have trusted lenders that could give you advantageous options in today's market!

✅ Buyer Demand for Homes

We take pride in a technology that could give your home national exposure - so buyers from across the nation get an opportunity to see it. Ask us about our Express Offers!

✅ Home Price Appreciation

When you own a home, that appreciation gives your net worth a boost! Get YOUR FREE Home Consultation and find out how much money awaits YOU on this journey!

In this normalizing market, it's so crucial you partner with an experienced real estate team to walk you through every step of the way!

We are the #1 team in Missouri and #8 in the nation. Our proven processes and experienced real estate team put YOU first so that your transaction is guaranteed to go smoothly.

Do you want to Buy or Sell your home?

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