June 2023 Market Update - St. Robert and Waynesville

Summer is officially here and the market is gaining major momentum!

Let’s see what’s happening in the local market of St. Robert and Waynesville.

This will give you a full picture of our local real estate market

...and help you make the decision if now is the right time to buy or sell.

Let's dive deep into 4 major stats.

STAT # 1️⃣: No. of Homes on the Market

This stat jumped from 105 homes last month to 115 homes available this month!

➡️ Buyers...

The good news is with summer here we are seeing more homes entering the market giving you more opportunities.

You need a real estate team that understands and has the proven processes to achieve that dream home.

➡️ Sellers...

Don’t miss out on your chance to sell your home for TOP DOLLAR!

There is still massive demand with us being in a low inventory market and we likely have buyers ready and willing to put an offer on your home today.

STAT #2️⃣: Average Sold Price

In St. Robert and Waynesville area, the average home is selling for $243,000.

This is UP from last month by $31,000!

➡️ Sellers...

Your home could be holding significant equity, and if you want to sell your home it’s critical you know where your investment lies.

We offer a FREE Home Evaluation to help you see where your investment lies.

STAT #3️⃣: No. of Homes Sold

This stat increased massively with 89 homes sold this month compared to 51 homes last month.

This means the summer market is HERE, and with demand increasing by the day.

STAT #4️⃣: Ave. Sold Price vs. List Price

Houses are currently selling for 100% of what they are listed for.

➡️ Buyers...

This stat proves how important it is to craft the perfect offer.

When we are in a low inventory market it’s important to remain competitive.

Our team has years of experience along with proven processes to help you get into the home of your dreams.

➡️ Sellers...

While this stat is great news it’s also important to note that listing your home at the correct price is CRITICAL.

Through our HOME EVALUATION process, we can help you discover what those numbers look like...


It’s crucial that you work with the best real estate professionals that you can find.

Matt Smith Real Estate Group is the #1 real estate team in our area year over year, and the #8 team in the state of Missouri.

We understand that buying or selling for the first time can be intimidating or scary.

This is why we put a huge emphasis on marketing as well as tools and resources to ensure you have the best real estate experience possible.

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We’d love to help you start your journey.

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