How is the Lake of the Ozarks Housing Market Doing this December?


Every month we take a look at our local housing markets to provide you with some insight to help you make the best real estate decisions possible.

 When doing the monthly market updates we look at a few statistics that we feel are the most important when analyzing the real estate market.


☑️ Statistic #1: Number of Active Homes in the Market

 Currently, we have 846 homes in the Lake of the Ozarks area compared to last month at 904. They are very similar but there's a little less inventory.

 👉SELLERS, there's an opportunity right now! There are fewer homes on the market. And a lot of sellers that we are talking to are saying that they want to wait until the spring to put their homes on the market.

Take advantage of these busy winter months!

☑️Statistic#2:Average Sales Price

 This month, the average sales price is $445,000, compared to last month at $392,000. That has shot through the roof!


That proves that there is still a lot of activity that happens during the winter months at the Lake of the Ozarks.


☑️ Statistic #3: No. of Homes Sold


Over the last 30 days, there have been 169 homes sold in the area. Compare that to last month at 227. Home sales have slowed a little bit, but inventory has slowed as well.


☑️ Statistic #4: Average List Price vs. Sales Price


This has remained steady at around 95.4%. That means that on average, what the homes are listed for, sells for around 95% of that listing price.


This is GREAT news for both buyers and sellers!


👉 That means there could sometimes be a little wiggle room for Sellers.


👉 And as a Buyer, there are times you could negotiate a better deal.


There are a lot of things going on in the real estate market and it could be very confusing. But we have a lot of great programs that we can offer YOU!


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Why do we look at all this data?🤔


We want to give you an educated snapshot of what’s happening in your local Lake of the Ozarks real estate market.


So when you buy and sell, it's important that you're informed to make the best decision for you and your family.


And as the #1 team in the area and #1 in the state of Missouri. We offer our clients a level of service that is completely unmatched in the industry.


So if you’re looking to buy or sell, you need a professional on your side!


Please reach out to us, we would love to help navigate you through this process.


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