How a Real Estate Agent Set 28 Appointments in 30 Days

Considering a career in real estate?🤔

It's not the easiest job, we're telling you now. But it is one of the most rewarding careers you can pursue.

Your earnings are directly tied to...

✅ your hard work and dedication

✅ the right mindset and effort

Having these would give you the BEST opportunity to achieve FINANCIAL SUCCESS beyond typical salary limits.

Take Heather Bays, as an example. She's a new realtor on our team who usually averages 3 appointments in a month. But on the month of December 2022, she has set 28 appointments in 30 days!

The secret? A change of mindset.

Heather overcame her fear of rejection and put her ego aside, realizing that her WHY and her deep motivation for success were more important than potential discomfort.

It's the tiny hinges that make the HUGE impact!

Follow in her footsteps and join the #1 in Missouri and #8 in the nation as we expand and seek out the best of the best!

Matt Smith Real Estate Group is expanding and looking for the RIGHT people who would like to grow with us.

We support our community by providing options to work in an environment that is flexible, empowering, and designed to support our team members who have different needs.


Become a Traditional Agent alongside our team...

✅ Extensive lead generation and qualified appointments accompanied by complimentary coaching and weekly training.

Or become a Hybrid Agent...

✅ Enjoy Competitive Commission Splits with the benefits of Operations support which will save you time and money when it comes to managing your transactions.

Come JOIN US and see how having a productive and profitable business will allow you to experience your life at the highest level.

There's room at our table...

Click HERE to start your journey today!

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