February 2024 St. Robert and Waynesville Housing Market Update

What is going on in the Pulaski County Real Estate Market?

To get a full understanding of what's happening in our local market, it's important to lean on local experts. We study these stats everyday and found some interesting trends we just wanted to share!

First up, our Average Sales Price... and good news! We're up 22% with the average sales price at $232,000.

(pssssst... check out your home value!!! There could be hidden equity!)

Next we'll take a look at the number of new listings. This tells us in the last 30 days, how many new listings were added to our local inventory.

And we are up 12% with 54 new properties on the market (we were serious about closing the low inventory gap! 💪🏻)

The overall inventory available looks like 127.

But how many homes are closing?? Locally, 33 homes closed which is normal for this time of year.

Lastly... we are still in a sellers marketplace with the average home spending around 48 days on market and 2 months supply of homes.

Despite what you may be hearing, the market is picking up pace. Right now is a GREAT time to put your home on the market...

And the best way to get started? By checking the value of your home. Time and time again we've watched sellers uncover a GOLD MINE within their home... who knows maybe your home is hiding equity you didn't even know about!

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