Data Over Drama: Rolla September Market Update

In the fast-evolving realm of real estate, staying informed is the key to making wise decisions.

Here are the latest trends in the local market, emphasizing data over drama.

Key highlights include:

🏡 Inventory Levels: Levels continue to be stable month-over-month.

While more homes are entering the market, sales are pacing accordingly, indicating a rise in both listings and closings.

💰 Average Sales Price: Contrary to mainstream media narratives, home prices in the Rolla area and Phelps County have seen a significant year-over-year increase - nearly 14%.

This challenges gloomy forecasts, further emphasized by big players like Zillow revising their price predictions for the coming year.

📊 Interest Rate Insights: Yes, expect interest rates to climb more over the next 6-9 months before eventually dropping.

On top of that with property values rising annually, waiting might not be the best strategy.

A predicted interest rate drop could unleash a flood of buyers, leading to heated competition.

🔑 Our Strategy: We recommend acting now, buying before prices soar further.

And when interest rates drop? Consider refinancing.

We collaborate with lenders that offer refinancing at zero cost.

Don't get sidetracked by the noise.

Our goal?

To guide you with factual data, ensuring you're making the best decisions for your present and future real estate ventures.

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