Super Easy Winter Home Tips: Stay Warm, Avoid the Freeze

Brrr, it's getting extra chilly out there! 🥶

As the cold weather sweeps across the country, it's super important to make sure our homes are ready for the freeze.

Here are some quick and easy tips to keep your home snug and safe:

❄️ Open Cabinet Doors

This might sound simple, but it's super effective. By opening the cabinet doors under your sinks, you're allowing the warmer air from your home to circulate around the plumbing. This can help prevent your pipes from freezing, especially those on exterior walls.

❄️ Turn Up the Heat

Not too much, just a nudge higher than usual to keep things cozy , especially during those super chilly nights.

❄️ Attic Care

If you've got water lines or a water heater in your attic, don't forget about them!

Opening the attic hatch allows the heat from your home to rise into the attic, which can prevent those pipes from freezing.

❄️ Drip Your Faucets

It's a great way to keep water moving in your pipes. Just a slow drip on both hot and cold settings does the trick!

❄️ Discconnect Outdoor Hoses

This one's easy to forget but super IMPORTANT.

Disconnect any garden hoses from outdoor faucets. Water left in hoses can freeze and expand, causing connected faucets and pipes to freeze and possibly burst.

Stay warm and safe out there!

Remember, a little prep can save a lot of hassle later! 🏠

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