3 Tips to Get Your Dock Ready for Spring

As you all know, the lake over winter time experiences all kinds of changes.

This year, we had the lake actually freeze over!

To help you get prepared for the spring and the warmer months ahead, we're going to go through some things you should look for on your dock to make sure it's safe, and secure. This way, everything will be in tip-top shape when you're ready to enjoy those sunny days by the water.

🚤 Inspect your dock

You'll want to inspect the decking of your dock. Keep an eye out for any rust spots or, even more important, broken supports.

So be careful. You definitely don't want to end up hurting yourself.

🚤Check your boat lift

You want to make sure that it's operational, that all the support beams are in place, and operating properly. Also, you want to check your fluids if it's hydraulic.

🚤 Check all of your cables and your anchor ties connecting your dock to the shore.

It's super important to make sure everything's tight and secure. With the water levels changing so much, rising, falling, and even freezing over like it did this winter... things can really get shuffled around.

You don't want to find out something's off when it's too late!

Hope this video was helpful to get your dock ready for spring!

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