Rolla's Summer Housing Market on the Rise!

The summer market is here!☀️

And the Rolla housing market is gaining MAJOR momentum.

Take a closer look at our local real estate scene to understand whether it's the perfect time to buy or sell.

Let's dive deep into 4 major stats.

STAT # 1️⃣: No. of Homes on the Market

Currently, we are hovering around 111 homes available, which is an increase from the 96 homes that were available last month.


➡️ The good news is with summer here we are seeing more homes entering the market giving you more opportunities.

➡️ It’s important buyers are prepared to craft competitive offers


➡️ There is massive demand for your home!

➡️ We are still in a low inventory market and we likely have buyers ready and willing to put an offer on your home today.

➡️ It's important to list your home at the CORRECT price.

STAT #2️⃣: Average Sold Price

In the Rolla area, the average home is selling for $243,000.00.

This is UP from last month by $23,000!!!📈


➡️ With the average sales price up by $23,000 you likely have massive equity hiding in your home.

➡️ If you’re waiting for the market to crash, you’ll be waiting FOREVER!

➡️ The market is gaining massive momentum and this is your opportunity to access the equity in your home

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STAT #3️⃣: No. of Homes Sold

This stat increased with 43 homes sold this month compared to 36 homes last month.

The summer market is here and picking up rapidly, and the demand for homes is INCREASING by the day!

STAT #4️⃣: Ave. Sold Price vs. List Price

Houses are currently selling for 100% of what they are listed for.


➡️ This stat proves how important it is to craft the perfect offer.

➡️ When we are in a low inventory market it’s important to remain competitive.

Our team has years of experience along with proven processes to help you get into the home of your dreams.


➡️  While this stat is great news it’s also important to note that listing your home at the correct price is CRITICAL.

➡️  Through our HOME EVALUATION process, we can help you discover what those numbers look like...


It’s crucial that you work with the best real estate professionals that you can find.

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