Nick Maples
Chief Information Officer
Nick Maples
Office: (573) 451-2020
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License Number: 2019029909

My family moved over to Waynesville in 2016, from Rolla, to be closer to my wife's work so she could get home faster to be able to spend time with our daughter! Fast forward to now and we've added a mini me and another princess to the crew! My family means the world to me, and my favorite thing to do is bake cookies with my kiddos! (It's a win-win, they love baking, and I love cookies)

I've always had a huge interest in real estate and through the jobs I've had, I've been happiest when I was helping others get what they need. Pair those two things together and here we are! I joined the Matt Smith Real Estate Group, and I'm super excited to be surrounded by a team who have the same interests and passions that I do!